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Hollywood, be careful what you wish for

For years Hollywood has waged war on the open internet. It may have taken freedom of expression for granted and believed that only the open internet puts it at risk. Maybe it should begin rethinking its priorities. It if does, it may discover the open internet protects it as much as, and probably more, than stronger copyright law would ever do.

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The Canadian Star Chamber of Commerce

Michael Geist reports today that the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and other business groups want to ensure that their members will be premitted to secretly install spyware on personal computers for a wide range of purposes. Specifically, they demand to be permitted

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Let’s Talk about the “Effect on the Market”: The Light Version

Yesterday I wrote a rather lengthy post about the “Effect on the Market” in fair use and fair dealing analysis. With the lengthy comments on it, is has become even more interesting, but long. And serious. So here’s a lighter version.

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CIPC Study on P2P File-sharing Doesn’t support its Policy Recommendation

Last week, the Canadian Intellectual Property Council released a commissioned report on the effects of music file-sharing in Canada.  The report, titled The True Price of Peer to Peer File-Sharing, is based on a study conducted by Dr. George Barker, director for

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The Social Science Research Council Comments on Software Piracy

The Social Science Research Council submitted a Comment to the USTR about software piracy, as part of the public hearing process for the 2011 Special 301 Report.  The submission cites, and largely echoes, my 2005 paper on network effects and

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