The USTR’s Reverse Logic on Data Protection Trade Barriers

ustr-logoAs Michael Geist reported yesterday, in its new annual report on foreign trade barriers, the US Trade Representative has identified certain Canadian regulations and policies restricting cross-border personal data flows as a new trade barrier.

According to the USTR, Read more ›

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The ALRC Report on Copyright and the Digital Economy (and me)

Australian_Coat_of_ArmsThe Australian Law Reform Commission has finally published its long-awaited Report. This is an impressive and important report, and I am proud that I had some opportunity to contribute to it in a short submission that I made last summer. In my submission I referred to two issues that I have discussed in two recent papers: fair use, and orphan works. Therefore, I was very pleased that the Commission’s recommendations with respect of those two issues are consistent with my views. Since the Commission received more than 1000 submissions, I was even happier that the Report quoted my submission a few times. Read more ›

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More competition for ebooks in Canada coming soon

EBook between paper books The Competition Bureau announced today that it has signed a consent decree with the four major book publishers, which is expected to lower the price of ebooks in Canada.

According to the Bureau’s media release, the agreement between the Bureau and Hachette Book Group, HarperCollins, Macmillan, and Simon & Schuster follows an 18-month investigation into the ebook industry in Canada. Read more ›

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Competition law protects competition, not competitors: timely reminder from the Federal Court of Appeal

800px-Toronto_1894largeEarlier this week the Federal Court of Appeal overturned a decision of the Competition Tribunal that had dismissed the Commissioner of Competition’s case against the Toronto Real Estate Board last year.

The case involves an Application made by the Commissioner of Competition pursuant to section 79 of the Competition Act (dealing with ‘Abuse of Dominant Position’) for orders prohibiting the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) from engaging in a practice of anti-competitive acts in the Greater Toronto Area and requiring TREB to take steps which will overcome the effects of that practice. Read more ›

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Rocky start for post-Access Copyright era? Not quite

Moraine_Lake_17092005The Varsity last Monday published a story with the headline “Post-Access Copyright era off to a rocky start“, and the sub-headline “Professors confused, frustrated by new copyright rules”. Great headlines, for sure, but in reality, that’s probably an exaggeration. My impression, which I have confirmed with colleagues in the UofT library system and the Faculty Association, is that so far the transition to the post-Access Copyright era has actually been even smoother than expected. Read more ›

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