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No Time for Tinkering: On Intellectual Property and NAFTA

Last year, I wrote the following essay, as part of a collection of essays, “NAFTA and the Knowledge Economy”, published by the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI). The essay discusses what Canada’s approach to intellectual property in the context

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“IP Protection Should Be Strengthened to Stimulate Innovation and Commercialization”: Motion Denied

I was invited to participate in a two-day conference in Toronto, organized by the Conference Board of Canada. The conference’s title is Business Innovation Summit 2013: Innovation for the Corporation. I was asked to be on a panel debating the following hypothetical

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Why the DOJ (Antitrust Division) should intervene in the GSU case

Earlier the previous week the US Department of Justice announced that it reached a settlement with McMillan in the antitrust e-books case, following previous settlements with the other four book publishers (Hachette,  HarperCollins, Penguin, and Simon & Schuster)that it sued

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The Canadian Star Chamber of Commerce

Michael Geist reports today that the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and other business groups want to ensure that their members will be premitted to secretly install spyware on personal computers for a wide range of purposes. Specifically, they demand to be permitted

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Fair Use 2.0: The Rebirth of Fair Dealing in Canada

I posted the most recent draft of my new paper on fair dealing on SSRN. The paper recounts the history of fair use and fair dealing and shows that, contrary to conventional wisdom, the enactment of the Imperial Copyright Act

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