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CETA could put Canada between a rock and constitutional hard places

First published in the Globe and Mail on Oct 25, 2016 While Wallonia’s opposition to the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement has received considerable attention, a recent decision of the German Federal Constitutional Court shows that CETA faces more

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Has anyone seen any conspicuous religious symbol lately?

The Parti Québécois government wants to ban Muslim headscarves, Sikh turbans, Jewish kippas and other “overt” religious symbols from the public service. Among other things, if the ban becomes law, public service employees would not be allowed to wear such symbols.

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When Blogs Cross a Line

John Degen is a writer whose day job is that of a civil servant employed by the Ontario Arts Council. He frequently launches uninformed ad hominem attacks against anyone who questions Access Copyright. Curiously, these rants are regularly tweeted by

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Toronto: The First Decade

Ten years ago I landed in Toronto with my wife and an 11 months old son. I left my job as a staff lawyer at the Israeli Antitrust Authority and arrived to Toronto to become a student again at UofT’s

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I have very negative attitude towards Ipsos Reid

Let it be known that I have very negative attitude towards Ipsos Reid. A couple of days ago my phone office rang.  The speaker presented herself as a poller from Ipsos Reid, interested in conducting a survey about the public

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