I have very negative attitude towards Ipsos Reid

Let it be known that I have very negative attitude towards Ipsos Reid.

A couple of days ago my phone office rang.  The speaker presented herself as a poller from Ipsos Reid, interested in conducting a survey about the public attitude towards companies.  I politely declined.  First I said that I was very busy.  She asked me if there was another time when it’d be more convenient to talk to me and I said that I actually wasn’t interested in participating at all.

A few hours later the phone rang again, same introduction only asking to speak to one of my colleagues. I said that I’m not that colleague, that the phone number is mine and that I already told that I wasn’t interested in participating.  I asked not to be called again.

Every few hours since then the phone rang with calls from Ipsos Reid, each time asking to speak to another colleague of mine.  Every time I repeated my request not to be called again.  Eventually, I asked to speak to a supervisor.  I did.  He apologized and he promised that I would be removed.  I told him that I wasn’t interested in a promise to be removed in the future and he guaranteed that I was being removed as we spoke.

Two hours later the phone rang again, with the same introduction.  This time I asked to speak to the supervisor immediately.  Same supervisor, same apology.  I also asked him why they kept calling me when they actually wanted to speak to other colleague, and he told me that the phone number was provided by Vale.  I asked who Vale was and learned that Vale is the company that ordered the survey.

I googled Vale and learned that it is a Brazilian mining company. So here’s an interesting (or not) piece of information.  Apparently, Vale is interested in the public attitude towards it.  More specifically, it is interested in the attitude of mine and of some of my colleagues (whose names I will not publicly disclose).

I don’t think that I’ve heard about Vale before, but let it be known that presently, just like my attitude towards Ipsos Reid, my attitude towards Vale isn’t great.

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