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Rocky start for post-Access Copyright era? Not quite

The Varsity last Monday published a story with the headline “Post-Access Copyright era off to a rocky start“, and the sub-headline “Professors confused, frustrated by new copyright rules”. Great headlines, for sure, but in reality, that’s probably an exaggeration. My

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Beyond Refusal to Deal: A Cross-Atlantic View of Copyright, Competition, and Innovation Policies

Conventional wisdom holds that the European Union has opted to apply its competition law to the exercise of intellectual property rights to a much greater extent than has the United States. In a new article, published in Vol. 79(1) of

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Fair Dealing’s Halls of Fame and Shame – 2013 Holiday Edition

On May 15, 2012 the University of British Columbia announced that it would not sign a license agreement with Access Copyright, and immediately was inducted into Canada’s Fair Dealing Hall of Fame. “We believe we are taking the bolder, more

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Israeli Publishers and Hebrew University Reach Historic Agreement on Fair Use

The Jerusalem District Court has approved yesterday a settlement agreement between the Hebrew University and two publishers, the Bialik Institute Publications, and Schocken Books (Schocken is also the publisher of Israel’s Haaretz newspaper). This settlement agreement is a remarkable achievement

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Fair Use for the Google Goose; Fair Use for the Book Gander

While many in the library, research, and technology communities have hailed Google’s recent fair use victory, some have expressed skepticism about who is the real beneficiary of the ruling. Some librarians have wondered whether their enthusiasm about the ruling should not “be

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