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Israeli Publishers and Hebrew University Reach Historic Agreement on Fair Use

The Jerusalem District Court has approved yesterday a settlement agreement between the Hebrew University and two publishers, the Bialik Institute Publications, and Schocken Books (Schocken is also the publisher of Israel’s Haaretz newspaper). This settlement agreement is a remarkable achievement

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Fair Use for the Google Goose; Fair Use for the Book Gander

While many in the library, research, and technology communities have hailed Google’s recent fair use victory, some have expressed skepticism about who is the real beneficiary of the ruling. Some librarians have wondered whether their enthusiasm about the ruling should not “be

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You’re in good company, Judge Chin

Google has won an important victory today. In a ruling issued this morning, US Circuit Judge Denny Chin ruled in favour of Google, finding that its scanning of millions of books in its Google Books project is fair use. “In my

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Ottawa, we have a problem

Canada’s education system is facing a potentially-serious problem. While many educational institutions believe, correctly in my view, that they have better alternatives to comply with the Copyright Act than licenses from Access Copyright, Access Copyright continues to push for rulings

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The AUCC Guidelines: another Trojan Horse?

The late L. Ray Patterson, a copyright scholar, historian, and the author of important books on the history of copyright and the notion of users’ rights, had warned that copyright guidelines could be the Trojan Horse of publishers. Patterson referred

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